Tuesday Beccles Loop

The 32 mile loop starts from multiple locations in the Gorleston, up the new road to the A143, which is followed over Haddiscoe Dam to Gillingham. After riding through the centre of Beccles, the route runs parallel to the A146 towards Lowestoft, passing through Mutford & Carlton Colville. Heading north out of Lowestoft centre along the coast road through Corton & Hopton before returning to the start point.

Coronavirus Impact

In alignment with Government guidelines for organised sport, this event may have limitations on group size. The start time and meeting point may vary from what is published in this post
Please refer to the Club Facebook Page or Members Group for the most up-to-date information.

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Ideal for the Club Run/Social riders who would like push on a little further and begin riding faster and learn how to ride in a group that rotates to work together to keep the speeds higher. Also suitable to those looking to progress even further or maybe training for a specific event. May use a few more main roads than the Club Run/Social rides, Beginners to this type of riding are able to come along and try a lap or two at first until they are used to it and able to complete the whole ride.

Intermediate Rides (Ride Category 4)


Usually aims for a constant travelling speed of around 18mph to give an average of around 17mph.

Whilst the group will hold up a little to keep people together, people who are significantly struggling may get dropped.


Tuesday Evenings Usually around 25-30 miles but sometimes further. Sunday Mornings – 40-50 miles but sometimes further.

Often laps around a 7-mile circuit.

Usual Days

Tuesday Evenings – All year round. Some Sunday Mornings – Demand and volunteer dependant.

Pre-requisites for Ride

More experienced riders who can maintain a solo speed of around 16mph for 60-90mins over varied terrain, that are experienced in group riding and are comfortable riding in closer proximity to other riders and also riding on more main roads.

If you are fairly inexperienced in this type of riding then expect a workout.




Come out on one of our club rides to see if you enjoy riding with a group - we are sure you will. We have organised rides on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday!

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Rides are resuming, in accordance with Government social distancing rules.

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