GYCC Rides & Events

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Saturday Morning Rides

Saturday morning rides are at a moderate/low speed for the beginner or riders out for a gentle spin. The ride meets at Club sponsors Pedal Revolutions shop in Gorleston roughly for 09:30. Please check Facebook again.

Sunday Rides

We normally have up to three groups out on a Sunday, Beginners slowish ride, a Club ride at about 15mph avg and a Fastish group who look at 18+ mph avg. So we cater for all abilities on this day. Please check the Facebook page/feed for information on start times and the meet locations as these do change from time to time.

Tuesday Evening Rides

We normally meet at the Cliff Park Junior school at 18:30 and then ride over to the Ashby village sign, where we can have up to three groups again, but normally just the two groups, fast 20ish and a more sedate 17mph avg. Both these groups ride in a chaingang format. Sometimes we do have a group ride around the "Island" which is roughly 30 miles. Yet again, please check the Facebook feed for the latest information on this.

Wednesday Evening Ladies Ride

Wednesday evening is Ladies only rides, all organised by Jan and Jenny. Please check Facebook again.

Thursday Time Trial Rides

The club organises Time Trial races on a Thursday night, they meet at Lound Village Hall. Start times normal 18:30, please check the Facebook feed for the latest news on this ride.

Hill Climb

Yearly in November the club has a Hill Climb race at Bramerton near Norwich, it is a fun day out, ride over, race, ride back with a stop at the New Inn at Rockland St Mary.

Reliability Rides

The Club has two reliability rides early in the year of approx 50 miles each. Starting and finishing at the Kings Arms Northgate Great Yarmouth. Look out for information on these rides on our Facebook feed.