Club 25-mile Time Trial Results for 1st August 2021

 Anthony Field

Club Solo

Position Name Club Time Speed
1 Johnathan Lincoln GYCC 01:01:19 24.46 mph
2 Peter Aldred GYCC 01:01:26 24.42 mph
3 Julian Claxton GYCC 01:03:44 23.54 mph
4 John Scott GYCC 01:04:33 23.24 mph
5 Jan Smith GYCC 01:09:03 21.72 mph
6 Kerstin Langer GYCC 01:09:53 21.46 mph
7 Peter Marjoram GYCC 01:11:33 20.96 mph
8 Jenny Anderson GYCC 01:12:49 20.6 mph
9 Jamie Mordecai GYCC 01:13:27 20.42 mph
10 Phillip Collins GYCC 01:15:22 19.9 mph
11 Joey Clements GYCC 01:16:09 19.7 mph

Guest Solo

Position Name Club Time Speed
1 Reece Payne Porth Wheelers 01:02:43 23.92 mph
2 Paul Dennington VCB 01:06:07 22.69 mph


Thank you to everyone involved in timekeeping & marshalling this event, your support is appreciated.

About Our Event

Somerleyton (BS/13)


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Time Trials (Ride Category 7)

A ride on a set course against the clock. Use it as competition against other riders or simply as a measure of your own improvement over the course of a season, excellent practice for the bike legs of Triathlons. A Small fee is payable to particpate in Time Trials.


Whatever Speed you can manage!


10, 25, 30, 50 & 100 miles

Usual Days

The GYCC Club 10 is on Thursday nights during the summer but there are various other Time Trials in the area on other days.

Pre-requisites for Ride

Front white light, red rear light and helmet are mandatory for all Time Trials