Code of Conduct


As a club, Great Yarmouth Cycling Club believes it is important that all members show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.
GYCC Committee


I agree to the following while a member of the club:

  • To respect and treat all equally, regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, religion or anything else.

  • To avoid bullying behaviour. This might include making constant remarks, comments behind someone’s back, or singling someone out. Nobody will be made to feel unwelcome or that they are of lesser worth.

  • Not to use language or make gestures which can offend and upset others. This might include foul and abusive language towards others, but also words which belittle or demean.

  • To avoid acting in any way which might cause discomfort. This might include unwanted attention, inappropriate sexual comments or making remarks of a personal nature.

  • Behave with respect on group rides or when otherwise representing the club. This might mean avoiding altercations with other road users, and abiding by the group ride guidelines available on the club website. This ensures that everyone can enjoy activities safely and upholds the reputation of GYCC as a whole.