Sunday Rides

Every Sunday morning the club runs rides of varying paces to cater for different riders, we currently operate the following rides:

  • Improvers Ride
  • Club Run
  • Fast(ish) Ride

Each ride will have a ride leader, who will determine the route and pace. The rides usually leave from Cliff Park Junior School, with details this week’s rides listed below.

When you first ride in a group you may be slightly unsure as to what is going on; where you should be riding in the formation or who is in charge etc. There are a few basic rules for riding in a group safely and effectively. There is also some basic ‘etiquette’ that you need to know (see Club Riding Etiquette and Rules), just so you don’t upset other riders or more importantly other road users.


For the “Novice” or “Beginner” cyclist that have improved and are ready to begin travelling a little further afield and perhaps also upping the speed a little the natural progression from the beginner rides.

Club Run

The Traditional “Clubrun”, the idea of this ride is to get like minded cyclist’s out enjoying our local countryside. Open to all riders of the club whether they are complete novices wishing to learn new skills or those more experienced members wishing to pass on their skills to the new members of the Group (It can also be used as a “recovery” ride). The natural progression from the improvers rides.

Fast(ish) Ride

This is aimed for members wishing to improve their Cycling speed even further or are experienced cyclists who maybe race, participate in Triathlons or Time Trials and want to use this as part of their training. A faster paced ride that rotates to work together and keep the speeds higher. Will use more main roads than the other rides. The natural progression from the Intermediate rides.