Committee Meeting Minutes – 7th December 2018

Committee Meeting Minutes 7th December 2018

Item 1 – Persons Present 

Attendees –Norman Harlow (NH), Anthony Field (AF), Jenny Anderson (JA), Jonny Hawes (JH), Dominic Austrin (DA)

Apologies – Simon Smith, Louise Averre, Neil Goward

Item 2- Matters Arising 

  • Time Trial Presentation – Discussed and agreed that it was generally well received with good attendance due to the AGM being held beforehand.
  • AGM – A good turnout and was agreed that there was plenty of healthy discussion.

Item 3 – Time Trial Medals
Due to the club having a fantastic Time Trial season we require far more medals than we do usually – NH informed the committee that 25 more have been ordered – It is hoped that they will have arrived in time for the Presentation Evening.
Due to the possibility that medals might not be received on time above it was discussed and agreed that this year we need look at the amount of medals earlier i.e. soon after the season has finished around September time.

Item 4 – Retiring Committee Members

  • Linzi (Club Secretary)
  • Paul (Welfare officer)

The committee would like to express their thanks for their work for the club during their tenures and a small token of the committees appreciation is to be given to each. 

Item 5 – Ladies Trophies
It was discussed and agreed that the club should offering trophies specifically for ladies – suggestions put forward were for Scratch 10, 25, 30 & 50 TT’s
ACTION – DA agreed to look for some suitable trophies. 

Item 6 – Members Welcome Pack
AF Confirmed that a welcome email and documents is now being sent out to all current members for this year as they renew/join.

Item 7 – New Members
AF Confirmed that membership renewals are currently up to 84 – with more renewing/joining every day – Reminders are being sent out and a deadline to be set of end of December for renewals.

Any Other Business 

  1. A request had been received if the club could offer a membership option for a 2nd claim couple – it was discussed and agreed that this will be offered for £20 – ACTION – AF to add option for 2nd Claim Couple to British Cycling Sign up page.
  2. It was raised by a club member if the club would like to have a representative at the Great Yarmouth Cycling Forum. ACTION – AF/NH to ask member who raised if they would be willing to attend on the clubs behalf.
  3. It has been raised by a member that the standard of riding on club rides has declined recently – i.e. people riding more than 2 abreast, riding with wheels overlapping etc. and asked if we could have a club promotion on safe and courteous riding ACTION – AF to push via social media/email in the new year.
  4. A member raised a question about the club running a small cyclo-cross series next winter – they have some ideas and wanted to know if the committee likes the idea – the committee welcomed it and were interested to hear more details. ACTION – AF to ask member who raised for more information – attending a committee meeting in the future if they wanted to.
  5. Website admin asked if the AGM minutes could be issued for publication on the website
    – ACTION – AF to ask LA if AGM minutes can be issued.
  6. Website admin also requested if committee members could provide profile picture and short bio for websiteACTION – ALL – to provide as requested.
  7. Website admin requested updated club records for publication on club website– ACTION – DA agreed to send revised records.
  8. New youth activities – a suitable youth cycling coaching course has been identified, cost is £300 per candidate – the committee agreed that the club will fund the cost of the course in full and to avoid responsibility falling purely on one person it will also fund up to 2 further people to do the course – ACTION – AF to ask for further volunteers to help with the youth activities.
  9. New welfare officer – a volunteer has come forward to fill the role which is critical if we are to offer youth activities. ACTION – AF to investigate and arrange what training/authorisations are required, the committee agreed the club will cover any associated costs around this.
  10. Signatory for club cheques – it was highlighted that due to change of club secretary AF will need to be added as a signatory for club cheques – ACTION – LA to arrange.
  11. Free gift for members – It had previously been suggested if the club could offer a free gift for members, AF provided a sample of a neck tube/buff that could be provided at a cost of £2.51ea if 250 were ordered – The committee agreed to purchase 250 units to distribute to members. ACTION – AF to order 250 units.
  12. New club kit supplier – AF provided a range of samples of various garments from Epic Orange – The committee were impressed with the quality of the garments, AF confirmed he is to order a small number of jerseys in a new design so members can see them before committing to changing design and/or kit supplier. – ACTION – AF to arrange sample kit order.
  13. A couple of members had raised a question about the ladies rides not being very well advertised – A constructive discussion was held and it was ascertained that there was some confusion that the ladies rides were not automatically being publicised on a weekly basis – JA requested if another of the ladies ride organisers could be added as admin on the Facebook members group and Facebook page to enable the ladies rides to be better advertised as to when they are taking place – ACTION – AF to add an additional ladies ride leader as admin on the FB group and page. 

The next meeting is to held on Friday 18th January Meeting Closed.