Early race reports and old club course descriptions

Racing Report for Period 3rd May 1949 – to 7th June 1949


On Sunday 8th May, four of our members took part in the East Anglian C.C. open 25. There was a record entry for this event (120) and of our riders, Reg Annis recorded the fastest time, his time being 1:06:09 Ron L. Webb improved upon his personal best to record 1:07:43, but owing to a late start this was entered on the finishing sheet as 1:12:13 (4 mins 30 sec’s late start). Eric A. Skipper completed the course in 1:09:21, whilst Freddie Ford, in his third ride this season, did a 1:09:28.

The following week-end (15th May) saw, what, was probably a record entry for our Hercules “25”. There were eighteen entries, fifteen starters and fifteen finishers. In addition W. Pryer of the Twickenham C.C. rode a private trial and recorded 1:07:50. Reg Annis did a splendid ride to clock 1:06:27 and this won the Hercules Cup. Freddie Ford, the winner for the three previous seasons was un-placed, although his time (1:08:23) was only four seconds slower than that which had won the cup the previous year. The second fastest time was ridden by Ron L. Webb who clocked 1:07:43, Terry Underwood gained third place with his time of 1:08:03, which incidentally, represents his personal best. Other times are as shown in the table in the proceeding “Racing Book”

In the Ipswich B.C. 25, on May 22nd, two of our riders started, but only one finished. Eric A. Skipper recorded 1:13:00, whilst Ron L. Webb punctured when only four miles from the finish. E.R. Crane of the promoting club won the event with a 1:04:00.

Over at Norwich, on the Ipswich Road course, on the 29th, six of our riders competed and on what was no easy morning (a stiffening head wind out to the turn) all were well inside “evens” for the 50 mile course. This would seem to suggest that some fast times will be recorded for the Haddon “50” due to be held on August 14th. Reg Annis did a 2:16:00 thus setting up a new Club Record. The first handicap prize was won by Ron L. Webb of our own club, with his allowance of 18½ mins. his time being 2:22:17. Other times were Eric A. Skipper 2:24:00, J.U. Campbell 2:28:00, T.D. Cort 2:26:27 and Geoff Mills 2:26:46.

Geoff Mills

Hon Race Sec.

31st May 1949


Racing Report for June 1949


Chief item of interest from a racing mans point of view has been the forthcoming open 25 promoted by our club next Sunday July 10th.

Entries have been far and away above last years, with a hundred from other clubs and about a dozen from our own and given a reasonably decent morning great things can be expected, as we have some very fast men taking part.

I would like to take this opportunity to impress on all members present at this Committee the fact that it is their duty if not riding in the event, to turn up either for marshalling or lending a hand at the start. There are a hundred & one things to do, from pushing off to keeping the road clesr for the riders and that old saying definitely applies in this case “many hands make light work”

Our members have been reasonably well representative of the Club at the various Open Events held in the area these past few weeks, the most outstanding ride being Reg Annis 1:04:58 in the N.C.U. Eastern Counties 25, when he came 7th to W.J. Johnson of Colchester Rovers, who did a 1:02:42 on what Reg called a “fairly hard morning and a busy Course”.

The following weekend he broke the Club’s 50 record set up by himself last month by clocking 2:15:31 in the N.C.A. event.

This was a record in more ways than one, as to my knowledge no other rider in the Club’s history has ever gained 2nd fastest time in any open event. His time will be appreciated more when you hear that the winner was only a fraction more than a minute faster, being P.G. Smith of the Norwich Amateurs, who clocked 2:14:26.

Reg Annis is by no means the most popular member in the Club, but from a speed point of view, we certainly have got to hand it to him. Here’s hoping he gets inside a 1:04:00 next week, whether he gets a tin hat, sporting medal or cold shoulder by so doing!

This seems rather “long winded” for a race report, but as Geoff Mills our Race Sec. Is now with us again after a spell out of town, next month’s report should make better reading.

Harrold Clarke

Hon Track Sec. (In Lieu of Race Sec.)

31st May 1949


The above report of course was written before I learnt of yesterday’s events, which I append herewith and all I can add with regard to Reg Annis is he is even a faster than even I feared he would be. He rode in (and Won) the Diss & District C.C. 25 yesterday in the record time of 1:02:15, which easily beats Freddie Fords Club record, gained him course record prize from the Diss club and won 1st Handicap as well. A really first rate ride, that think you must agree, especially as he beat the second man, P.G. Smith from the Amateurs by nearly a minute. It is a pity that we only had 3 riders in this event, as only Eric A. Skipper & Dennis Thacker rode clocking 1:08:00 and 1:14:00 respectively.

If our usual fast riders had taken part we might have snatched a team prize as well.


Harrold Clarke


Racing Report for June 1949


As Reg had started the month off well, over at Diss, great things were expected in our open 25 which took place on Sunday July 10th. The weather was in many ways similar to that which we were fortunate enough to have had the previous year, that is to say there was barely any wind at all. Gaining no assistance from the wind in either direction, many riders said they found it a “hard ride”. Apparently, however, for the exceptionally fit it made little difference as was to be seen from the result sheet. Reg must have been disappointed, as must have been everyone else, when he learned that Dawson of the Blackpool R.C. had beaten him by the narrow margin of three seconds. However, they both must have been gratified by the knowledge that they had both broken the Club record. Times recorded on that fast morning were


Scratch winners

  1. Dawson Blackpool R.C.                                                    1:02:23
  2. C. Annis Yarmouth & Gorleston Whlrs.                    1:02:26
  3. Krebs Cambridgeshire R.C.                                       1:03:53
  4. E. Crane Ipswich B.C.                                                        1:04:16
  5. F. Hurt Lincoln R.C.                                                         1:04:18
  6. Cobb West Suffolk Whlrs.                                        1:04:36
  7. Collard West Suffolk Whlrs.                                        1:04:45
  8. Edwards Norwich Amateur B.C.                                   1:04:56
  9. Cork East Anglian C.C.                                               1:05:05
  10. Simpson Suffolk Roads C.C.                                           1:05:08
  11. Avis Cambridgeshire R.C.                                       1:05:14
  12. Curtis Cambridgeshire R.C.                                       1:05:26
  13. Marshall Norwich Amateur B.C.                                   1:05:37
  14. Lawrence Norwich Amateur B.C.                                   1:05:41
  15. Calver Norwich Amateur B.C.                                   1:05:43


Handicap Winners

  1. R Moore Nortec R.C.                                                         0:58:12 (8:45)
  2. Leech Suffolk Roads C.C.                                           1:00:42 (6:08)
  3. Woodhouse East Anglian C.C.                                               1:01:00 (5:00)


Team Race Winners

  1. Cambridgeshire R.C. (Krebs, Avis, Curtis)                       3:14:33
  2. Yarmouth & Gorleston Whlrs. (Annis, Ford, Webb) 3:15:03


For the event we received 113 entries, of whom 104 started and 103 finished.


A week later, in the Norfolk R.C. “30” Ronnie Webb and Terry Underwood broke the existing club record for that distance. Ron L. Webb recorded 1:20:06 and Terry Underwood 1:20:15. Terry, I understand finished the last two miles on a borrowed bike owing to a spot of trouble he was having with his own.

Five of the club entered in the Suffolk R.C. “25” held on August 7th, so we will now commence with the report:-


Racing Report for August 1949


On Sunday, 7th, five members started but only three finished in the Suffolk R.C. event. Eric A. Skipper was the fastest of our lads and other times may be seen in the table for 49. Eric’s time was 1:08:29.

Whilst most of us were “having a go” for the Haddon 50 cup, Reggie Annis was riding the Poly C.C. 15. Despite attacks of cramp, during the last 5 hrs. Reg succeeded in knocking up 218 miles. This gives Reg a place in the B.A.R. table with an average I understand of 20.3mph to his credit. The first time that a club member has succeeded in averaging  “evens” at 50, 100 miles and 12 hours. Well done Reg!

Let’s not forget all about the Haddon Cup. This year it goes to a relative newcomer to the game of time-trialling and incidentally a first year member of the club. With his time of 2:24:13 E. Widdick understandably recorded the best improvement of the morning and his handicap of 10½

Mins. gave him a net time of 2:13:43. Times recorded were:-



  1. L. Webb 2:20:41
  2. Underwood 2:23:38
  3. T. Ford 2:23:50



  1. Widdick 2:13:43 (10:30)
  2. U. Campbell 2:16:00 (9:00)
  3. L. Webb 2:16:41 (4:00)


On the 21st at Diss, Reg again stepped up his “50” record by recording 2:13:23. Apparently he had trouble with his chain, but for this he might have been even faster. His time however, gained him second place in the event. Together with Freddie Ford & Eric A. Skipper our team took third place. Time of our four riders are shown in the “49” table.

On August Monday, Reg and Fred rode in the N.A.B.C. 100. Fred recorded 5:07:04 and Reg 4:53:00.

Altogether quite a god month’s racing, so here’s to an even better run in September.

Geoff Mills

Hon Race Sec.

28th August  1949


Time Trialling Notes for September 1949


Sunday, 4th, saw nine members competing for the Pendle Cup, awarded annually for the 30 mile event winner. Reg Annis clocked the fastest time of the morning with 1:19:18, the next fastest being Eric A. Skipper with his 1:22:01. Incidentally, Reg now holds the club record for the fastest at this distance, it having been held for a short while by Ronnie Webb (in the Norfolk R.C. 30). Other times are shown in the “49” table. The handicap award for this event goes to R (Teddy) Read 1:16:10 (7:30).

The following week-end (11th) an odd rider or two competed in the Colchester Rovers “25” but although personal times were improved, no places were gained in the event.

The N.A.B.C. held their second open “25” on the 18th, this time on the Wymondham – Larling Course and on a quiet morning several of our riders improved their “Personal Bests”. The event was won by W.F. Johnson (Colchester Rovers) who clocked 1:00:44. Reg Annis appeared to be slightly off form and recorded a slower time than usual for him at this distance (1:03:25).

The N.C.A. “12” hour Open (25th September), saw several club members out all day giving a hand marshalling. D. Bateman, M.G. Mills were handing up sponges at Scole and Thwaite. Terry Underwood was feeding our lads at Ixworth, Jack Lingwood, Freddie Ford and Reggie Annis were sole representatives and from the provisional finishing sheet we learn that Reg came forth with 233 miles Freddie retired during the afternoon after having punctured and borrowed Sam Howard’s (Diss & Dist. C.C.) bike. Jack finished and, I believe, did somewhere in the region of 191 miles.

To my knowledge there no events taking place in the area to-day. This morning I turned Sam Howard, of the Diss & Dist. C.C., at the HPO (Post Office) at 06:53 am. Sam was making an attempt at his club’s Yarmouth and back record. I understand he left Diss at approx 5:10 am.

The Ipswich club have requested us to turn the tandem pair, R. Crane &Daly who will be making an attempt on their club’s Yarmouth and back record on Sunday 16th. They also ask if we can turn out to marshal any dangerous corners.

That’s the lot, Wheelers, for this month.

Yours sincerely

  1. Mills

Hon Race Sec.

2nd October  1949


Notes for October 1949


Once more we come to the end of yet another season’s racing. This year Reg celebrated the end of this year’s events by clocking 4:54:14 in the Premier Cup “100″. This is the first time that anyone has been inside “evens” at this distance on our home course. Second place in this year’s event goes to “yours truly” with 4:54:18 and third place goes to John (Widdick) with 5:10:34.

On October 23rd the N.A.B.C. held their open Hill-Climb event at Ringland on the usual course. Four of our members rode and times recorded were R.C. Annis 59 sec’s, E.A. Skipper 60 sec’s, G.L. Mills 61 sec’s and R.L. Webb 66 sec’s. The N.A.B.C. were fortunate in so much as rain kept off until the event was over. Our own event, scheduled to follow on the N.A.B.C. event was cancelled due to lack of keen support. The weather no doubt, affecting the decision of some prospective riders.

This year the number of “standard” medals (11) to be awarded is the same as for last year. However, this does not mean that we have not made improvements on the racing field, for, whereas, last year no silver “standards” were awarded, we have four awards this year. The stickiest distance it would appear, is the 50 miles, as this year nobody has qualified for a silver standard at this distance.

Reg is to be congratulated upon his achievement in the 12 hour N.C.A. event. When the figures were finally ascertained Reg had clocked 224 miles 710 yards (4th) (only 1051 yards short of the qualifying distance for the “Standard” miniature cup). Jack Lingwood’s final distance was 193 miles 48 yards which placed him twenty-fifth.

This coming month at present we have no T.T. on the agenda, so we may sit back awhile and work out plans for the coming year.

Yours sincerely

  1. Mills

Hon Race Sec.

6th November  1949


Summary of Racing Report to A.G.M. (1950) for year ending December 1949


Altogether quite a successful year, our open event drew 113 entries of whom 103 finished. The course record was again broken for the second year running and Dawson of Blackpool R.C. recorded the fastest time ever on our course with an amazing ride of 1:02:23. Looking back through the records I see that we had 21 time Trialists in the club during 1949, a drop of four from the proceeding year. Nevertheless some fast rides were recorded in various club and open events with the promise of even better rides from those members just beginning the time trialling game. Our times are all the more creditable since we normally reckon to give first place to touring in this club.

It is a pity that nothing has materialised over the Gorleston Track after all that has been done in the past and especially this last year by our track secretary Harold Clarke. Had we have had the good fortune to have had a track to have ridden on, it would have been our honour to have had the Eastern Centre N.C.U. track event held here for the first time.

May be it is to be regretted that we have lost some of our fastest lads at the shorter distances, but I think, provided we are not content to rest upon our laurels the club will achieve even better results in 1950. The N.C.A. records, for place to place times in East Anglia, including the 185 miles “Tour of Norfolk”, should not be outside the scope of the keen Time Trialists this year. These records provide ample incentive for a real “Training Ride” and should only be ridden as such. The 185 miles record certainly is the distance for training for any 12 hour event, so how about it, Wheelers, this coming summer, it would certainly open up a challenge to the other NC.A. clubs?


Yours sincerely

  1. Mills

Hon Race Sec.

January  1950


Race Committee meeting held on Wednesday 8th March 1950



  1. To fix dates of club events for the current year.
  2. To decide upon arrangements for our Open 25 to be held on the 11th To decide upon prizes for this event.
  3. To decide upon race entry fee.
  4. To decide upon prizes to be awarded in club events.
  5. To decide whether club standards should remain at their present level.
  6. Any other business.


The following dates were put forward as being the most suitable for club events, taking into consideration other Open events in the area and the demand on marshals etc.


2nd April                                                Medium Gear 25 (72”)

23rd April                              Novices 25

14th May                               Hercules 25

16th July                                Pendle 30

13th August                         Haddon 50

10th September                 Premier 100


In the Open 25 it was decided to award prizes as follows:-

1st  fastest                                           prize value          30/- (suggested Tankard or Cup)

2nd fastest                                           prize value          20/-

3rd fastest                                            prize value          15/-

1st H/Cap fastest                               prize value          30/-

2nd H/Cap fastest                              prize value          20/-

3rd H/Cap fastest                              prize value          15/-


1st fastest team                                 medals and certificate

2nd fastest team                                                medals and certificate

3rd fastest team                                                medals and certificate


An additional medal for course record.


A proposition to investigate the possibility of moving the start and finish nearer to Caister was put forward. Open entry fee to remain at 3/-. It was decided that club race entry fees should remain at 2/6d, and private time trials at 1/-. The allocation of prizes for club events was made as follows:-

Medium gear 25               1st and 2nd fastest             medals

3rd fastest                            certificate

Novices 25                          1st fastest                             Cup & medal

2nd fastest                           Certificate

(for 5 Entries)

Hercules 25                         1st and 2nd fastest             medals

3rd fastest                            certificate

Handicap awards              1st prize value                    10/-

2nd prize value                   7/6d

Fastest awards                  1st Silver Medal

2nd Chrome Medal


The following standard times were amended:-

Bronze                  Silver                     Gold

25           1:10:00                  1:06:00                  1:03:30

50           2:26:00                  2:18:00                  2:12:00


Report of Events covering the Period 2nd April – to 5th June 1950


Of the eleven entries for our medium gear 25, held on Sunday 2nd April, ten started and ten finished on what was probably to be the hardest morning of the year. Even 72” appeared to be too high against that wind. Jimmy Campbell had a clear win, in 1:13:22, over John Saunders 1:14:18. Both these riders, the week previously, had ridden private trials with the Lowestoft Wheelers and on that morning clocked first and third fastest times of 1:12:07 and 1:13:05 respectively.

After a period of loosening up during the Easter gales the lads (five of them) rode in the N.A.B.C. 25 on the Wymondham course. Collard of the West Suffolk Wheelers won the event with a 1:02:07 and our three fastest were J. Campbell 1:08:56, J. Saunders 1:09:13 and F.T. Ford 1:09:53.

At first sight it appeared that the Novices 25, due to be held on the 23rd April, might not after all be held. However, our fears were unfounded for we had seven entries, seven starters and seven finishers! Ronnie Mears won the Sutton Cup by clocking 1:09:46 – very nearly breaking J. Campbell’s record set up the previous year. Second fastest was V. Girling 1:12:55. Two other members F.T. Ford & J. Lingwood with R.C. Read (non-member), rode private trials and clocked 1:09:08, 1:12:41 and 1:09:09 respectively.

On Sunday 30th April, in the North Norfolk C.C. Open 25, J. Saunders clocked 1:08:01, his fastest ride to date. Other times for this event are shown in the table for 1950.

In the East Anglian 25, on 7th May, our three fastest riders were J. Campbell, F.T. Ford & J. Saunders. Their times being 1:06:31, 1:06:38 & 1:7:26 respectively.

For the Hercules cup “25” the club was favoured with quite a fair morning. The winner clocked a 1:07:12 and thus Jimmy (Campbell) gets the cup, which I think we must all agree he has earned. John Saunders improved upon his personal best to clock 1:07:23 and thus took the first handicap award and the second fastest place. E.A. Skipper was third fastest with 1:07:47. Second and third handicap awards go to R.E. Mears and J. Campbell their net times being 1:06:58 and 1:07:02 respectively. The fastest three had an additional un-promised reward of finding their pictures on the back page of the “Yarmouth Mercury”

Sunday 21st May was a very damp morning but this did not deter our three fastest riders in the Ipswich B.C. 25. Times recorded were E.A. Skipper 1:07:16, J. Saunders 1:07:52 and J. Campbell 1:08:46.

The N.A.B.C. 50 held on 30th May saw J. Saunders clocking 2:26:17, E.A. Skipper 2:27:51, F.T. Ford 2:29:59 and J. Campbell 2:33:32. On what was a hard morning, the winner Edwards (Eagle R.C.) recorded 2:13:34.

In the Eastern Counties Open 25 on Sunday 4th June, Eric Skipper recorded the fastest time of our six competitors with a 1:06:19, the winner F. Collard (West Suffolk Wheelers) clocked 1:02:21.


Time Trials from 11th June to 2nd July 1950


With 90 entries for our Open 25, held on Sunday, 11th June, everything appeared to go off smoothly. We managed to support our own event to the extent of fourteen riders. As most of you know by now the event was won by F. Collard with a 1:01:40. The scratchman – F. Krebs (Cambs. R.C.) was unfortunate in puncturing. The first handicap award went to J.W. Porter (Lowestoft Wheelers) whose time 1:05:02 gave him a net time of 1:00:02.

On the 18th June four of our lads competed in the Norfolk R.C. “30”. F. Collard won the event with a 1:15:53. Our four riders were E.A. Skipper 1:20:37, J.U. Campbell 1:22:19, J. Saunders 1:22:49 and E.J.D. Widdick 1:23:16.

Two of our lads E.J.D. Widdick and J.U. Campbell rode in the Kings Lynn “50” and recorded 2:20:44 and 2:26:02 on Sunday 25th June.

To-day, 2nd July, in the Diss & District C.C. Open 25, Eric was our fastest man clocking 1:04:11. John Saunders qualified for a silver standard by recording 1:05:18. Yours truly improved upon his personal best to record 1:08:44. The winner was F. Krebs who clocked 1:00:08. That’s the lot for this month, so cheerio till next month.

Yours sincerely

  1. Mills

Hon Race Sec.

2nd July 1950


Report of Events covering the Quarter ending September 1950


The 9th July saw three of our members recording fast times in the East Anglian “50” which was held over a new course in the vicinity of Wymondham, Attleborough, Larling & Thetford. Times were E. Widdick 2:19:15, Freddie Ford 2:19:55 and J.U. Campbell 2:19:52.

This year’s Pendle cup “30” drew 12 entries, of whom all started but only two did not finish, A. Thacker packing at 10 miles, and yours truly at 20 miles through a punctured tub – no doubt brought about by the wet road surface. However the rain did not deter Eric Skipper who won the event with his 1:20:12, Eric is fast getting near to Reggie’s times of last year, in fact on 2nd July in the Diss & Dist. C.C. “25” Eric beat Reg by some 8 sec’s. J. Lingwood with his 4:30 minute handicap took first prize in this section with a net time of 1:19:31.

The week-end following the “30”, 23rd July, saw six of us attempting the N.C.A. 100 miles, considering the awful weather, half a gale and thunder showers, our three finishers whose times appear in the table at the back ought to be congratulated. J. Lingwood and myself packed at 87 miles having had enough (some no doubt due to riding 25 miles to the start that morning in capes!) Fred Ford was our fastest man with his 5:09:57, other finishers were J. Widdick, J. Campbell and E. Skipper.

As there was no open or club events on Sunday, 30th July, J. Widdick and J. Saunders decided to have a go at the North Walsham and back record held by F.T. Ford. On the way out both riders clocked 1:04:00, but a stiffening breeze hampered them on the return leg. J. Saunders packed at Caister and John Widdick finished outside the Town Hall clocking a 2:21:58, beating Fred’s record by seconds only. Harold Clarke turned the attempt and yours truly turned both riders at the Market Cross North Walsham.

On August, (Bank Holiday?) Monday, over at Harleston, John Saunders put the club’s name in the limelight by being placed third in the one mile grass track handicap event – surely a commendable effort considering we still have no track. John’s prize was a handsome alarm clock valued I believe at about two pounds.

Of the eight entries for the Haddon Handicap “50” on the 13th August, seven started. Fastest time and first handicap award went to scratchman Eric Skipper with his 2:19:04. J. Saunders (2:19:14 net) and J. Campbell (2:20:04 net) qualified for second and third handicap awards respectively. Other times are as shown in the table at the back of this book.

The club had six riders in the Diss & District C.C.  “50” on the following week-end, our fastest time was Jimmy Campbell, with his 2:19:10. The event was won by P.G. Smith (2:08:25).

With a fortnight to go to the club 100, three of our lads rode in the N.A.B.C. 100 on a morning not dissimilar from that for the N.C.A. “100” a month earlier. Times recorded by our lads were, F.T. Ford 5:00:00, J. Widdick 5:00:00 and J.U. Campbell 5:00:00 (only 5:00:00 mentioned in book).

On Sunday, September 3rd, J. Widdick made a very successful attempt upon F.T. Ford’s Saxmundham and back record, starting outside the Green Ace garage at 6:00am, John first of all came into town so as to avoid being held up by traffic lights & traffic (had he have finished over this part of the course). On the outward trip the wind was stiff and more or less against John, even on the return trip it was not at all helpful. J. Saunders and “yours truly” turned John outside Saxmundham P.O. and J. Lingwood outside Yarmouth P.O. Mr. H.G. Clarke (Assist. Timekeeper) timed the event in the absence of Mr. A. Thorne away on holiday. John recorded a 3:10:16, thus breaking Fred’s old record by some eight minutes.

On the same day as John’s record attempt A.H. Marshall (North Norfolk C.C.) was turned by our Chairman, Mr C.F. Boulton at 08:31 am outside the P.O. whilst attempting his club’s Sheringham and back record (84miles).

John’s Saxmundham attempt stood him in good stead for the club Premier “100” on Sunday, 10th September. This John won by clocking 4:46:36 – a club record. Second and third were J. Campbell and F. T. Ford, being very close together with their times of 4:50:05 and 4:50:17 respectively. In this event we had eight starters, the largest number for some years. We were joined by the North Norfolk C.C. who had three private triallist’s in the event. The morning was quite good for the event, except for a damp start. On the last leg from N. Walsham we were favoured with a tail wind.

With 90mph winds in parts of the country four of our racing men found themselves in the West Suffolk Wheelers “50”. Weather conditions are reflected in the times recorded of whom F.T. Ford was the fastest of our entries with 2:27:00, J.U. Campbell recorded 2:26:50, G. Mills 2:32:00 and J. Widdick did not finish.

The day after the club “100” saw the RAF – association promoting a cycling meeting on the Wellesley recreation ground in conjunction with the local athletic association. The meeting was held in the evening at 6:30pm and lasted till dusk at 8:00pm. From the cycling point of view the meeting was extremely well supported and many riders remarked upon the excellent surface of the grass track. There was not event one “spill” during the evenings riding. Due largely to the hurried notice given of the event and to the fact that not many of our lads our registered for track riding, we had only one competitor, J. Saunders, in the events. The events held were at distances of ½ mile, 1 mile and 2 miles. John rode in all three events and put up a very good show. If we only had a similar track to train on, I am sure we could do something even better, I hope John will bear me out on this point.

On Monday,11th September I received a letter from the massed start secretary saying that the N.C.U. massed start Trophy would be held on the Raydon, Essex Aerodrome. This was very little notice (as in the previous year) and as a result we had no competitors. It also clashed with the N.C.A. “12” hour, the following day.

We had three entries for the N.C.A. “12” hour, but owing to the atrocious weather conditions not one started. However our marshals turned out and checked some 28 riders (out of a start sheet of 81).

Last Sunday, 24th September, Eric Skipper was successful in the pouring rain in beating Fred Fords Bungay and back record. Eric clocked 1:44:02 in spite of having to start again through the Haven Bridge being raised. Eric had also to dismount at the level crossing at Ditchingham, owing to this portion of the road being closed to vehicular traffic.

Well, apart from Sunday’s event (the East Anglian C.C. 25), of which I have no news, this is about all the racing news for the present.

Yours truly

  1. Mills

Hon Race Sec.

30th Septmeber 1950


Race Committee meeting held at 230, Beccles Rd. on Monday 12th February 1951



  1. Fixing dates of club events 1951.
  2. Confirming entry fees and prizes for the club events and record attempts.
  3. Discuss possibility of entry fee for “Standard Medals”
  4. Set time standards for solo and tandem place to place records, as follows:-

Yarmouth to Thetford & Return.

Yarmouth to Kings Lynn & Return.

  1. Confirm courses for club events.
  2. Any other business.


The following dates were agreed by the committee, to be most suitable for holding club events.

Medium Gear (72”) 25 miles                       14th March

Novices 25 miles                                               1st April

Hercules 25 miles                                             29th May

Pendle 30 miles                                                                29th July

Haddon 50 miles                                               12th August

Premier 100 miles                                            9th September


The committee recommends that the entry fees for the club events and place to place records should be as follows:-

Club events                                                        3/-

Place to place records (solo)                       2/-

Place to place records (tandem)                                2/-


Prizes recommended are:-


Medium gear “25”                                           1st Silver P. Medal

2nd Chrome medal

3rd Certificate

Novices “25”                                                      1st Cup & Silver P. Medal

2nd Bronze Medal

Hercules “25” and Pendle “30”                   1st Cup & Silver P. Medal

2nd Chrome medal

3rd Certificate

1st Handicap Prize Value 10/-

2nd Handicap Prize Value 5/-

No 3rd Handicap Prize unless entries exceed 12

Haddon “50”                                                      1st Handicap Cup & Silver P. Medal

2nd Prize Value 5/-

3rd Certificate

1st Fastest Silver P. Medal

2nd Fastest Chrome medal

No 3rd Fastest prize unless entries exceed 12

Premier “100”                                                    1st Silver P. Medal and Cup

2nd Chrome medal

3rd Bronze medal

No Handicap Prizes

Open 25 miles event                                      1st, 2nd and 3rd and Handicap prizes to be 30/-, 20/- and 15/- respectively. Team prizes to consist of 3 medals for the 1st fastest and certificates for the 2nd & 3rd.

It was decided that it would not be practical to make entry fees for standard rides.


Time standards for Place to place records were set as follows:-

Yarmouth to Thetford & Return.

Solo                       5:10:00

Tandem               4:50:00

Yarmouth to Kings Lynn & Return.

Solo                       7:00:00

Tandem               6:30:00


It was agreed that steps should be taken without delay to investigate the possibility of altering the “25” course. It was further agreed that the present “turn” was totally unsatisfactory in view of its proximity to the “Globe Inn” and the Police Station and that it should be moved before trouble brews with the occupants – particularly those of the latter!

The subject of the “100” course was also mentioned and it was decided that this should be left to a later meeting to enable members to give the matter thought and come back with suggesting.


Yours truly

  1. John Widdick

Hon Race Sec.


Racing Report for February 1951


Apart from the meeting delt with in a separate report, there is little to note for this month. The first event of the season, a M.G. “25” organised by the N.A.B.C. was held on the 25th, we had six entrants and of these five started, Ronnie Webb being too tired, I believe. The event was won by Pete Woodhouse of the East Anglian C.C. in 1:07:21, John Saunders was fastest from the club in 1:13:03 other times are recorded at the back of this book.

  1. John Widdick

Hon Race Sec.


Racing Report for March 1951


Despite the racing season having a very early start this year, we have already seen some relatively fast times put up by our members. Our first club event, the M.G. “25” was quite successful, there being thirteen entries and twelve starters, although the date for this event was a month earlier than last year, the winning time was almost 4 minutes faster than 1950, Johnny Saunders winning in 1:09:38. Times were rather slower the following weekend at Diss, this being due, I think, to the adverse weather conditions, of our members riding – there were seven – only Ronnie Mears beat “Evens” with 1:13:21. With six members riding at Kings Lynn on Easter Monday, this year’s were again improved upon, with two 1:08’s, two 1:9’s, a 1:10 and a 1:12. Although the Novices “25” was held on April 1st I shall include it in this report for March. The winner this year being Dave Smith who did a splendid ride of 1:08:33, improving over three minutes from his previous personal best put up in last year’s “Open” and beating Jimmy Campbell event record set up in 1949 by over a minute. This was a fine ride on a not too easy morning and Dave must be congratulated on pullin this one out of the bag. And so, from the point of view of speed, the 1951 Novices “25” was a success, although I don’t think the treasurer will share this view. There were seven entries, five starters andthree of them gained their Bronze Standards, for the distance.

  1. John Widdick

Hon Race Sec.


Racing Report for Period to 22/05/51


The main event in recent weeks was of course the Hercules “25” after receiving a record entry of nineteen, it was disappointing that the weather should prevent a large percentage from starting and of those that did start, only six recorded a time. However, it can be said that the event was a success – financially. Times are shown in the table later in this book. On other Sunday’s recently several members have improved on their best times, Tubby Clarke & Ronnie Mears getting down to 1:07’s in the N.A.B.C. “25” and G. Canwell & Dave Smith both doing 1:08’s in the East Anglian C.C. “25”, whilst Eric Skipper got back to form with a 1:04:18. Ronnie Mears again stepped down( – up?), in the Ipswich B.C. “25” on Sunday last with 1:06.

There have been mass attacks in two of the Place to Place records recently. On May 6th Jimmy Campbell, Tubby Clarke & “yours truly” attacked the North Walsham and back record, Jimmy succeeded in bringing it down to 2:19:13 – both Tubby and I crashed, a feat which I was to repeat over a week later in the University “100”. And then a week later there were five notifications of attempts on Eric’s Bungay and back record. Only four of those set out and none were successful although all completed the ride – John Saunders was fastest, 5 mins outside the record.

On the 28th April Jimmy Campbell enlisted me in checking the “30” & “25” courses and revising the “25” course. It was found that the old “25” mile course was 229 yards short and this was hastily adjusted for the Hercules “25” the following day. A new course was measured for use in the “Open” with the start & finish nearer to Caister and the turn before reaching Blofield. Full details will be found in the back of this book.

An error was found in the “30” mile course as used last year – this being 621 yards long. Adjustments are being made and details will be found in course records at the back of this book.

  1. John Widdick

Hon Race Sec.



Racing Report for June 1951


The first Sunday in the month found several of the lads riding in the N.C.U. “25” on the Thetford course – whilst “yours truly” made a successful attempt on the Yarmouth to Thetford and back record. Many thanks to Jimmy for his help.

On the 10th there was of course the “Open 25” which was quite success attracting 93 entries, F. Collard of West Suffolk Wheelers won with a time of 1:02:15 on a rather hard morning, Ronnie Mears again improved, winning his Silver Standard with a time of 1:05:45.

Another club record was broken the following week, when Eric Skipper recorded 1:18:31 in the Norfolk Road “30”. R. Mears ride of 1:19:41 was a good effort and J. Campbell improved to 1:20:03. Jim, finding form brought his “50” time down to 2:48:39 at Kings Lynn on 24th June and again improved at Diss on July 1st recording 1:06:01 in the Open “25”, missing his “Silver” by only 2 sec’s.

The report seems rather short this month but I don’t think there was anything else.

  1. John Widdick

Hon Race Sec.



Racing Report July to September 1951


  1. Skippers “30” mile record set up during June had a short life for on 29th July R.E. Mears started what was to become a run of success when he won the Pendle “30” in the record time of 1:17:51, knocking more than ½ minute off the previous time. Ronnie’s next success was when he won both sections of the Haddon “50” from scratch, his time of 2:12:37, again being a new Club Record. More was to come however and on the 8th September he became winner of the 2 mile club Grass Track Championship and earning a further Club Record the following day by winning the Club 100 in 4:41:00. A truly remarkable run of success, Ronnie was not entirely on his own in the limelight, however, for on the 2nd September Jimmy Campbell had ridden in the National Championship 12 hour and had beaten the Club Record, with 229 miles 994 yards, for a first attempt at the half day distance. Other times put up during this period, will be found at the back of this book.
  2. John Widdick

Hon Race Sec.



Race Committee meeting held at 16, Jubilee Place on Tuesday 1st April 1952



  1. Date fixing for club events 1952.
  2. Fixing of Prize Values.
  3. Adjust Tandem Time Standards for Gt. Yarmouth to Thetford and return.
  4. Confirm courses for club events and for Open “25”.
  5. Adjust position regarding the award of more than one Standard Medal for one ride.


Minutes of Above Meeting


  1. The following dates were agreed upon for Club Events during 1952


Pendle 30 miles                                                                10th May (amended by Gen Comm. from 13th July)

Haddon 50 miles                                               10th August

Hercules 25 miles                                             20th August (amended by Gen Comm. from 5th Oct)

Novices 25 miles                                               31st August (Provisional date)

Premier 100 miles                                            7th September


  1. It was agreed that prizes for the club events should remain the same as during 1951. Prizes for the Open “25” were recommended as follows:-

1st Fastest and 1st Handicap prizes to be 30/-

2nd Fastest and 2nd Handicap prizes to be 25/-

3rd Fastest and 3rd Handicap prizes to be 20/-

Fastest Team of 3, 1st Silver Plated medal and Certificate, 2nd & 3rd certificates.

Fastest Tricycle (providing minimum of 5 Entries) 15/-.


  1. The Tandem Standards for the Thetford and Return ride was reduced to 4:35.
  2. It was decided to attempt to adjust the “25” course to give a better finish. An attempt is also to be made to amend the “100” course in order to cut out the “Clippesby” detour.
  3. It was recommended that a rule should be brought in to prevent any member from receiving more than one Standard medal for one ride.


There being no further business the meeting was closed at 09:30pm.

  1. John Widdick

Hon Race Sec.



The above minutes were read to the General purposes Committee on Monday 7th April 1952. All recommendations were accepted and approved.

  1. John Widdick

Hon Race Sec.



Racing Report July to 20th August 1952


We held our “50” mile Time Trial for the Haddon Cup on August 10th for which we had 8 entries of whom 6 failed the starter. The sky was overcast and a high wind was blowing, considering the conditions, the times were on the whole quite good. The fastest time was 2:22:34 by A. Rix, 2nd fastest was F. Ford with 2:24:08 and E. Scott 3rd with 2:28:28.

The same three riders with allowances of 35 sec’s, 35 sec’s and 1 min respectively filled the 1st, 2nd & 3rd handicap positions, other times were, E. Skipper 2:30:08 with 1 min allowance, H. Clarke with 2:32:12 with 3 mins allowance and J. Lingwood with 2:44:05 with 8 ¼ mins allowance .

On the evening of July 20th we held the Hercules “25” mile race which attracted 7 entries. As in the “50” the weather was far from ideal, A. Rix again provided the fastest time with 1:04:50 and also justifying his scratch position. H. Clarke with 1:06:15 was second & E. Scott with 1:07:28 was third, these three riders also took the 1st, 2nd & 3rd handicaps respectively. A. Rix from scratch, H. Clarke with 1:15 mins and E. Scott with 1:05 mins, other times were E. Skipper 1:08:03 on scratch, F. Ford 1:08:15 with 50 sec’s allowance, J. Lingwood 1:12:45 with 4:10 mins & P. Gibbs 1:12:58 with 4:10 mins.

It was a very cool morning on the 7th September we held the Pendle “30”. 5 riders faced the starter and a Norwich member of the A.B.C. rode a private Trial. E. Scott with a fine ride of 1:20:47 was fastest and with 2:40 allowance also took 1st handicap. H. Clark with a time of 1:21:07 was second fastest and with an allowance of 1:25 gained 3rd handicap, whilst F. Ford with a ride of 1:22:07 was third fastest and with 3:00 allowance took 2nd handicap. Other times were E. Skipper 1:26:01 (2:40 allowance) and J. Lingwood with 1:29:48 (7:10 allowance). R. Barker of the Norwich A.B.C. recorded a 1:17:09.

The following Sunday E. Scott was started off at 5:00am by myself on an attempt to beat the Standard of 7:00:00 for the Kings Lynn and Return ride. Conditions were far from being ideal never the less this very keen young member of our club clocked a time of 6:44:00 for the ride of somewhere around 130 miles, which to my mind was a very good effort indeed.

  1. Thorne


Race Committee meeting held at 16, Jubilee Place on Monday 23rd March 1953



  1. Date fixing for club events 1953.
  2. Fixing of Prize Values for Club Events.
  3. Confirm courses for club events.
  4. Give a ruling on Club B.A.R. Award


Minutes of Above Meeting


  1. The following dates were agreed upon for Club Events during 1953


Novices 25 miles                                               26th April

Hercules 25 miles                                             17th May

Pendle 30 miles                                                                7th June

Haddon 50 miles                                               12th July

Premier 100 miles                                            13th September


  1. It was confirmed that the courses for the “25” and “30” mile events should remain the same as in 1952. It was agreed that the “50” mile course would have to be re-measured owing to road alterations. It was also proposed that a new “100” mile course should be measured, the course to be from Yarmouth to Norwich via Acle, turn then retrace to Caister Church, then via Stalham and Wroxham to Norwich, turn and retrace to the finish at Yarmouth.
  2. The B.A.R. cup to be awarded to the Club member (1st claim only) having the fastest average speed at the following distances, “25” miles, “50” miles and “100” miles,


There being no other business the meeting was closed at 09:00pm.


E.H. Clarke

Hon Race Sec.



Racing Report for April 1953


Despite heavy winds this month, some very good times have already been put up, by our club members. Our first club event was held on the third Sunday of the month it being the Novices “25”. G. Pettingill put up the fastest time in the event with a 1:09:49 for his race, P. Gibbs took second place with 1:10:40. Other times were D. Hamilton 1:11:28, I. Buck 1:12:53, M. Harvey 1:17:37 and B. Smith 1:20:44.

In Open events A. Rix and E. Scott rode in the St. Neots “25” on Easter Sunday, Rix punctured and Scott did a 1:13:34. The following day saw five of our members start in the Kings Lynn event. Scott punctured in this event, of the rest Rix was fastest with a 1:10:59, I (Tubby Clarke) did a 1:13:21 and Jimmy (Clarke) did a 1:13:37. The N.A.B.C. “25” the following week saw a vast improvement in the times Tony (Rix) improving to do a 1:05:20, Teddy recorded a 1:07:32 and young Peter improving from a 1:17:35 at Kings Lynn to a 1:12:43. This was the week for yours truly to puncture!

During this month it has come to my notice that I will be on holiday for the week proceeding and the week following the Sunday on which the Premier “100” has been fixed for, therefore to save some other member having to organise the event and with the committee’s approval I propose to bring the event forward one or two weeks.

E.H. Clarke

Hon Race Sec.



Racing Report for May 1953


This month has seen the second of our club events namely the Hercules “25”. This was an upset for the form book when G. Pettingill improving over two minutes on his novices ride to take first place with a 1:07:04. Second place in the event was taken by D. Hamilton with a 1:08:45, just piping Jimmy Campbell by two seconds. The first handicap was taken by M. Harvey, who improved from a 1:17:37 in the Novices event to do a 1:11:08 and with 8:20 mins handicap allowance he took this section by 1:11 mins from G. Pettingill, with D. Hamilton a further 26 sec’s away in 3rd.

At the beginning of the month four of the members rode in the East Anglian C.C. “25”, on a hard morning with the wind getting stronger every minute Jimmy Campbell did very well to record 1:06:59, Tony Rix recorded 1:07:04 and Teddy Scott a 1:07:13.

Teddy and myself have been chasing round town for prizes for the forthcoming track races. We have managed to get a Saddle Bag from Messer’s Averill’s which will be presented for a top points prize in the two mile event and Messer’s Fielding’s kindly donated a 10/- voucher which will be for second prize in the same event. First prize in the “Devil” will be a Lucas, King of the Road cycle lamp, donated by Dave ? and Messer’s Halford’s donated a bell which will be for second prize.

E.H. Clarke

Hon Race Sec.


Race Committee meeting held at 16, Jubilee Place on Monday 23rd February 1954



  1. Date fixing for club events 1954.
  2. Fixing of Prize Values for Club Events.
  3. Confirm courses for club events.
  4. To fix entry fees for evening events and number of evening events also prizes to be awarded.


Minutes of Above Meeting


  1. The following dates were agreed upon for Club Events.


  • April 4th Novices “25”
  • April 25th G. “25”
  • May 9th Hercules “25”
  • June 6th Pendle “30”
  • July 11th Haddon “50”
  • August 8th Premier “100”


  1. The Prize values were agreed upon as follows:-


Novices “25”                                      1st Cup & Silver Plate Medal

2nd Bronze Medal

3rd Certificate


M.G. “25”                            None


Hercules “25” & Pendle “30”       1st Fastest Cup & Silver Plate Medal

2nd Fastest Chrome Medal

3rd Fastest Certificate

1st, 2nd & 3rd on Handicap Certificates


Haddon “50”                                      1st Handicap Cup & Silver Plate Medal

2nd & 3rd Handicap Certificate

1st Fastest Silver Plate Medal

2nd Fastest Chrome Medal

3rd Fastest Certificate


Premier “100”                                    1st Fastest Cup & Silver Plate Medal

2nd Fastest Chrome Medal

3rd Fastest Bronze Medal


It was agreed that the club standards should remain as last year. Entry fees for the club events and place to place rides to remain as last year. With regards to prizes the General racing position will be reviewed at the end of the year.


  1. The committee agreed that the 25, 30 & 50 mile courses should remain as at present. It was agreed that the Repps – Clippesby detour in the “100” should be eliminated if possible.
  2. It was proposed that there should be 8 evening events this year, 2 events at each of the following distances “10”, “15”, “20” & ”25” miles. There would be an entry fee of 1/- per ride. 1 ride at each distance to count for a prize at the end of the year calculated on average speed basis.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 09:45pm.

E.H. Clarke          23/02/1954

Hon Race Sec.


Racing Report for March 1954


None of our riders actually rode a race in March itself but yesterday we had our first club event of the season when we held the Novice “25” mile Time Trial. We had eight entrants for this event and seven starters. On a far from easy morning J. Scott returned the fastest time with a very creditable 1:09:11. Second was T. Mitchell with a 1:11:34 and third B. Wilsher in 1:11:44. A very nice sign was the seven private Trialists who rode, three of these were members of other clubs. J. Scott is unable to take the Bronze Standard with this event as the watch stopped for approx. 11:30 minutes. I have only one more word to say and that is, any club member riding in an Open event must supply me with an Official Finishing sheet if he wants the time to count towards the Club B.A.R. award. I have been in contact with the Lowestoft Wheelers and they are willing to hold a combined “100” if we can arrange it for another date. We provisionally settled the date for the 22nd August, this will cut out the N.A.B.C. “100” but unless the event is held very late in the year it is the only date available.

E.H. Clarke



Racing Report for May 1954


This month saw the big event of the year namely the race for the “Hercules Cup”. G. Pettingill won it again this year with a good ride of 1:05:43. E.G. Scott took second place with 1:08:22 and the surprise of the morning J. Lingwood obtained third place with a ride of 1:08:27, this also secured first handicap for him, R. Fearn took second Handicap and B. Wisher third, the rest  of the times are in the back of this book. I must add that theses times are only approximate as the stop watch again stopped for three minutes. On the track E.G. Scott won the Fitch Cup for the second year running with J. Scott in second place. E.G. Scott also took two third places in the quarter mile and the other in the 2 miles Devil, a very fine performance indeed as he has never ridden in an open event on the track before and has not done any training for it. In the Lowestoft wheelers “25” G. Pettingill again did a 1:05:46 and E.G. Scott improved to a 1:06:59. B. Wilsher improved to a 1:07:43 thus taking Bronze Standard and winning first Handicap in the event. J. Scott and T. Mitchell also receive Bronze Standards with their rides of 1:08:03 and 1:9:06 respectively, in the N.A.B.C. “50” Jimmy Campbell turned in a 2:16:56. Ivan Buck improved to a 2:21:10 to earn a Bronze Standard and B. Wilsher in his first “50” did a ride of 2:24:14 to get his Bronze Standard.

Well that’s the lot for another month and I think it has proved one of the most promising months for some time, so there is only to remind the racing boys, that if they ride in “Opens” they must let me have their times.

Ernest .H. Clarke

Hon Race Seretary


Racing Report for June 1954


The first Sunday of the month was the day of the Pendle “30”. G. Pettingill won the event with a Club Record time of 1:16:51 in doing so he also took first Handicap. These two first places gave him the lead in the point’s cup completion with 9 points. J. Scott clocked 1:19:24 and E.G. Scott 1:20:19 to take 2nd and 3rd places respectively. J. Scott took 2nd Handicap and R. Fearn 3rd Handicap with a ride of 1:21:27 (less 4:30 mins). In the N.R.C. “25” E. Scott recorded a time of 1:06:30, B. Wilsher recorded a 1:09:05 and I. Buck a 1:11:07 and in the E.A.C.C. “25” on the 27th of the month E. Scott was again the fastest man from this club with a 1:05:44, this ride gained him his Silver Standard, J. Campbell recorded a 1:08:35, I. Buck a 1:09:06 and B. Wilsher a 1:11:00.

In the evening rides only 3 riders have so far completed 4 rides of these E. Scott is averaging 23.246mph, R. Fearn is second and J. Lingwood third. In the 25 miles R. Fearn recorded a 1:07:11 which gained him a Bronze Standard. E. Scott improved to a 1:04:33.

Yesterday E. Scott attempted the North Walsham and Back record; on a far from easy morning he recorded a 2:15:09 to beat E.J. D. Widdick’s record by 3 mins 50 sec’s.

E.H. Clarke




Race Committee meeting held at 10, Common Road, Southtown on Monday 28rd February 1955



  1. Date fixing for club events 1955.
  2. Confirmation of Courses
  3. Prize Values for the Club Events.
  4. Prize Values for the Open Events.
  5. Nomination of Handicappers & timekeepers
  6. To decide whether the Club Standards should remain as at present.
  7. To decide whether to hold Evening Events this year.


Minutes of Above Meeting


  1. The following dates were agreed on as being the most suitable for the club events.


  1. G. “25”                 March 27th
  2. Novices “25” April 3rd
  3. Hercules “25” May 8th
  4. Pendle “30” May 29th
  5. Haddon “50” July 10th
  6. Premier “100” August 28th


  1. It was decided upon to remeasure all the courses, standardizing the start and finishing line for the 100, 50 and 30 mile courses, also to measure out the 100 course on a new route namely, Yarmouth – Caister – Wroxham – Norwich – Wroxham – Caister – Acle – Norwich (via Blofield) – Acle – Norwich (via South Walsham) – Acle – Caister – Yarmouth.
  2. The Prize values for the club events to remain the same for the coming year except the medium gear “25” for which the following to be awarded

1st Fastest                            Silver Plate Medal

2nd & 3rd Fastest                Certificate

A silver plated medal to be awarded with both the B.A.R. and Points Cups.


  1. The Prize values for the Open event to be as follows:


1st Fastest and 1st Handicap                  prizes to be £2-0-0

2nd Fastest and 2nd Handicap                prizes to be £1-10-0

3rd Fastest and 3rd Handicap                                prizes to be £1-0-0

1st Team                                                      3 Silver Plated medal Value of 10/- each


  1. It was decided to ask Messrs. E.K. White and E.A. Howes to Handicap & time the open “25”.
  2. All the Club Standards were amended as follows:-


Bronze                  Silver                     Gold

25 mile                          1:09:00                  1:05:00                  1:03:00

50 mile                          2:22:30                  2:14:30                  2:10:30

100 mile                       5:05:00                  4:50:00                  4:40:00

12 hrs                            210 miles             220 miles             230 miles


  1. It was decided to hold evening events if somebody in the club would volunteer to assist the race secretary in the organization of them


There being no other business, the meeting was closed at 10:30pm.

E.H. Clarke


Passed by the General Purposes Committee, on the 7th March, excepting the Medium Gear “25” to be cancelled.

E.H. Clarke


Annual Report A.G.M 1956


Altogether the past year has been another successful one for the club. Several new members or old Y.R.C. members have recorded some quite useful times. The most notable rides of the past year have been C. Sayer 1:02:45 in our Open event, J. Scott’s 1:02:00, T. Loveday’s 1:03:35 and R. Annis’s 2:10:00 with which he broke the 50 mile club record.

Our open event only attracted seventy five entrants but on a good morning the course and event record was broken by G. Smith of the E.A.C.C. with a ride of 1:00:08.

This year as, usual now, some of our racing members have been taken into the forces but we are looking forward to seeing G. Pettingill out on the road again next year and if rumour has it right he is just as keen as he was when he went in the services.

The club events were well supported again this year but even so the prize values again outstripped racing receipts by about 100%. If this situation is not going to carry on indefinitely a drastic alteration of club racing prizes will have to be undertaken and although this will meet with some disapproval, I think that it should be undertaken by the 1956 race committee at the earliest possible date.

E.H. Clarke



Race Committee meeting held at 10, Common Road, Southtown 1956




  1. Date fixing for club events.
  2. Confirmation of Courses.
  3. Prize Values for the Club Events.
  4. Prize Values for the Open Events.
  5. Nomination of Handicappers & timekeepers.
  6. Club Standard (Special Committee).
  7. Evening events.
  8. Any Other Business


Minutes of Above Meeting


  1. The dates for the club events were fixed as follows.


Novices “25”                              April 8th

Hercules “25”                             May 20th

Pendle “30”                                                June 17th

Haddon “50”                              August 19th

Premier “100” (if held)           N.A.B.C. “100” Open September 9th


  1. The courses will be the same as last year except for slight alterations to the starts because of road resurfacing.
  2. The prize values are now as follows

Certificates presented with all cups instead of medals. Special prize, for any person doing 1:00:00 for “25”.

  1. Prize values for open event to be same as last year.
  2. It was decided to ask Messrs. E.K. White and E.A. Howes to Handicap & time the open “25”.
  3. All the Club Standards were amended as follows:-


Bronze                  Silver                     Gold

25 mile                  1:08:00                  1:04:00                  1:01:00

50 mile                  2:22:00                  2:14:00                  2:08:00

  • mile 5:00:00                  4:50:00                  4:40:00

12 hrs                    210 miles             220 miles             230 miles

  1. It was decided to commence holding evening events on a Tuesday the first one to be held May 15th. They will consist of 2 – 10’s

2 – 25’s

2 – 20’s


  1. Loveday


Annual Report A.G.M 1957


The Club has again had quite a successful year in the racing field. Two club records were broken, these being the 25 and 30 mile records. The Bungay and Back record broken by Scott who in recording 1:40:42 beat E. Skipper’s old record by 3:30 mins. Several new racing members started the season with good performances but did not improve greatly.

The Open Event attracted 95 riders and on a good morning P. Woodhouse lowered the event record to win in 59:59.

Entries in club events were less than last year and receipts were down to £7.00 compared with the previous year’s £10.00 but as all medals except standard rides have been cut out, the Engraving Bill should be considerably less.

The Holmes Cup was taken by Lowestoft Wheelers but the less said on this subject the better. I can only hope that it will be back on our shelf after this coming season.


  1. Loveday



Race Committee meeting held at 69, Southtown Road, January 29th 1957




  1. Date fixing for club events.
  2. Confirmation of Courses.
  3. Prize Values for the Club Events.
  4. Prize Values for the Open Events.
  5. Nomination of Handicappers & timekeepers.
  6. Club Standard.
  7. Evening events.
  8. Any Other Business.
  9. Place to Place Records.


Minutes of Above Meeting


  1. The dates for the club events were fixed as follows.


Medium Gear 25                      March 24th 08:00am Start

Novices “25”                              April 14th 08:00am Start

Hercules “25”                             Aug 18th 07:00am Start

Pendle “30”                                                May 5th 07:45am Start

Haddon “50”                              June 30th 07:00am Start

Premier “100”                            Aug 25th 06:00am Start


  1. Courses


25 & 30 Courses

To be the same, but to be re-measured.


50 Course

New Road to be completed first e.g. Start Chapman and proceed through Caister to Acle down New Road, turn up again to Acle through to Thorpe, turn to Acle on old road to finish at Caister Road.


100 Course

Remeasure 100 course.


Prize values for Club events to remain as last year.

Prize values for Open events to remain as last year.

Standards to remain as last year.


Evening Events

Measure 10 mile course from Caister along old road, fortnightly.


Place to Place Records

Yarmouth – Norwich return                                (Approx 40 miles)

Lowest standard 1:50:00

Yarmouth – Lowestoft return             (Approx 20 miles)

Lowest standard 0:54:30


Track Event June 1st


Fitch Cup                                                     to be held over 1 mile


Propose other events                            880yd

2 mile point to point

Open 1 mile


Annual Report A.G.M 1958


Last year’s racing results produced more outstanding performances than usual, the best performance being recorded by R.G. Smith that being 1:01:36, the fastest “25” by a club member in a morning event. D. Moules recorded a good first “50” of 2:17:51 to take the Haddon trophy and we hope he will get much faster. The Yarmouth – Lowestoft return record was established by J. Scott who covered the course in 52:44. J. Scott also receives a miniature trophy as he now won the “Hercules 25” three times in succession.

The open event last season only attracted 65 entries which was won by P. Woodhouse who just beat the hour in 0:59:59.

The Holmes Cup events were again not very fruitful from our point of view, although we managed to tie the event on a “legal” point.

Racing receipts were approximately the same as the previous year although we had hoped they would have been higher but holidays clashed with two events and “Evening Events” were also poorly supported.

  1. Loveday



Racing Committee meeting05/02/1958


Present:- Smith (R), Parker (J), Lingwood (J) and Mills


The dates for the club events were fixed as follows.


March 23th Medium Gear (72”) 25                     09:00am Start    1/- entry

April 20th Pendle “30”                                             09:00am Start    Entry 3/- P.T. 1/-

May 11th Hercules “25”                                                   09:00am Start    Entry 3/- P.T. 1/-

July 13th Haddon “50”                                             07:00am Start    Entry 3/- P.T. 1/-

Aug 31st Premier “100”                                           06:00am Start    Entry 3/- P.T. 1/-


Novices event to be held late in the season, if Novices available!

Track Championship to be held at Gorleston, or Wymondham if two meetings are not supported.

All Courses to remain unaltered.

Fee for record attempts to be 2/6.

An award to be made, to the first Club rider, to beat 1 hour for 25 miles. The award to be either a plaque or miniature cup, whichever the winner prefers. Winner not previously to have beaten 1 hour.


Minutes of Racing Committee meeting held on 20/02/1959


Present:- T. Loveday, C. Sayers and R. Smith


The dates for the club events were fixed as follows.


March 22nd Medium Gear (72”) 25                    09:00am Start

April 19th Novices “25”                                                    09:00am Start

May 3rd Pendle “30”                                                                09:00am Start

Aug 16th Haddon “50”                                                     07:00am Start

Aug 23rd Premier “100”                                          06:00am Start

Sept 20th Hercules “25”                                          09:00am Start

Oct 4th “100” in 8                                                       08:30am Start


H.J. Green Trophy

The committee recommended that the cup should be awarded to either:-

  1. The handicap winner of a cup event or
  2. The fastest rider in the Club 20 –              (carried 02/03/1959)


A rider was added that the committee felt that the cup should not be awarded for “massed” start.

This recommendation to go forward to the next full club committee meeting.


Track Champ.

To be held preferably in Gt. Yarmouth, final arrangements to be made when dates of track meetings become known. Entry fee 2/-.


Club Standards

To remain unaltered.



25           An amended B20 to be used for the “M.G. 72” 25” and “Novices 25” and if found to be preferable, to old course, to be used for club Open “25” on May 31st. The change in course has been approved by the East District Council of the R.T.T.C.

Course descriptions pre-1980

Club Courses

“25” miles – (B20 course)

Start at point 20 yards S.E. of gateway on crest of hill, just short of 3rd milestone on Caister – Filby road. Proceed West through Filby and Fleggburgh (approx 4 ½ miles), Keeping on main road, to Acle (8 miles). Continue on the main road Acle – Norwich road (A47) through Blofield to first “catseye” East of gateway on left side of the road 140 yards past the “Globe Hotel”, Blofield (13 miles). Turn and retrace to finish at first tree West of Caister Castle road (25 miles).

“30” miles – (No designation)

Start at Lamp standard 2054 opposite Barnard Crescent Bus Stop on Caister Road, proceed through Caister, keeping left at Church, to Fleggburgh (6.67 miles) and on to Acle (10.36 miles). Continue on main Acle – Norwich road (A47) to “Globe Hotel”, Blofield, turn immediately opposite the Inn sign. Turn and retrace to the finish, on the Caister – Yarmouth road opposite lamp standard 2065 (30 miles).

“50” miles – (No designation)

Start at Lamp standard 2065 on Caister road (opposite Jellicoe Road), proceed through Caister, keeping left at the church, to Acle (9.5 miles), keeping on main Norwich road through Blofield to turn at last Telegraph pole on right before Chapel at Postwick (18.3 miles), turn and retrace to Acle, turn right in Street onto the New Road, keeping straight on to the last gate on left before sharp bend with road to the right (34.4 miles), turn, retrace to Acle (40.5 miles), turn right onto Old Road, retracing to finish at Lamp standard 2065 on Caister Road.

“100” miles – (No designation)

Start at Lamp standard 2065 (opposite Jellicoe Road) on Yarmouth – Caister road, proceed through Caister, keeping left at the church, to Acle (10 miles), bear sharp left onto New Road and proceed direct to Vauxhall Toll House (17.5 miles), check, turn and retrace to Acle (25 miles). Bear left onto main Norwich road (A47) and continue direct to School Avenue, at Thorpe (just before Red Lion), check and turn at Lamp Standard 22 (34 miles) and retrace to Acle keeping straight onto Old Road and Caister Church (51.5 miles), check and turn sharp left onto A149 and continue on main road to North Walsham, check and turn at Telegraph pole 224 (73 miles). Retrace to Repps (84.5 miles) branch right here onto B1152 to Clippesby. Check and turn at Telegraph pole 84 (89.3 miles), retrace to Repps, turn sharp right and continue on main Yarmouth road (A149) to finish at Start at Lamp standard 2065 on Caister – Yarmouth road.