GYCC Time Trial League Rules and Guidelines

Prizes are awarded for the most points and also for the fastest rides during the season.

To allow a level playing field riders taking part in the league are split into 3 groups Novice, Club or Open riders.

Novice riders are those who are in their first year of time trialling. Club riders are no longer in their first year and have not ridden in any open time trial events in the last 2 years. Open riders have taken part in open time trial events in the last 2 years.

At each weekly event, riders are awarded points depending on their place within their own group.

10 points for fastest, 8 points for 2nd, 6 for 3rd, 4 for 4th and 2 for 5th. Not all points are awarded every week, there may only be 2 Novice riders for example, so 10 and 8 points are awarded that week.

Points are recorded every week, but only your best 4 results are used to determine “your points”.

In addition to the maximum 40 points, riders get 2 points every time they beat their PB and 2 points for marshalling (a maximum of 4 marshalling points awarded).

Prizes are:

  • Highest points
  • 2nd Highest points
  • 3rd highest points
  • Fastest Novice
  • Lady with most points
  • Fastest rider
  • Highest points Open rider
  • Highest points Club rider

Only one prize per rider, if a rider is entitled to more than one prize they are awarded the highest paying prize only.