This is aimed at the Intermediate and Fast(ish) Riders and is riding in a “pace line” or “chaingang” that is a constantly rotating group (like a chain) a short and frantic ride that is fantastic fun! Riding fast in a group like this is surprisingly easy! Beginners to this type of riding are encouraged to come along and try a lap or two the first week or two until they are used to it and able to complete the whole ride.

Chain Gang (Ride Category 6)


Will start off slower the first few weeks it runs – around 19mph average but will increase as the weeks roll by and could be as high as 22mph+ some weeks


Usually 3 laps of the 7 mile Somerleyton circuit.

Usual Days

Tuesday Evenings in the Summer

Pre-requisites for Ride

Riders who can maintain a solo speed of 17-18mph for 90mins+ over varied terrain, have a proven ability to ride in close formation at higher speeds and are comfortable on main roads.

Ride leaders and other members may recommend this ride to people as a step up from the Intermediate rides.

Expect a workout.