Booking Terms & Conditions

Club 10-Mile Time Trial

REQUIREMENTS EXPECTED FROM THOSE RIDING – All riders will be required to bring their own pen to sign on and their own safety pins.
Please note that a working rear light is now also required under new CTT regulations.
PARKING – As of 26th July, we are still currently trying to gain confirmation of the use of Lound Village Hall Car park. The use of the field at the village hall is the preferred option. If this isn’t possible, an alternative option will be advised. Please be considerate to others at the event as well as local residents if alternative parking in the area is required. Please keep a look out for an update about this over the coming days.
For the safety of everyone involved, there are some changes to the way our time trials are organised.
  1. If you have any symptoms of coronavirus, please do not come to the event. Do not put yourself and others at risk. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times while attending the event.
  2. There will be no 2 ups or tandems allowed as per the CTT Covid 19 Risk Assessment, which can be found on the CTT website here
  3. Payment for the event will only be accepted by contactless payment at the point of signing on. We will be using ‘one use’ disposable numbers to minimise risk. You will be given your number when you sign on. Please bring your own safety pins.
  4. Signing on will start at 5:30pm and finish at 6:10pm, please give yourself plenty of time to get to the start which is north of the village pond on The Street in Lound, NR32 5LP. Please sign on with your own pen, providing your name, club and emergency phone Number. Rider limit is 50.
  5. Please park sensibly bearing in mind social distancing.
  6. Having a rear light is now a CTT regulation therefore no light = no ride. The light must be in full working order at the start. There will be no allowance on this rule.
  7. At the start you need to observe social distancing. This includes keeping your distance from the timekeeper and fellow riders. The timekeeper will call you to the line. THERE WILL BE NO PUSHER OFF AND TRACK STANDS ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  8. On completion of your ride, DO NOT GO BACK TO THE TIMEKEEPER, DO NOT GATHER NEAR THE FINISH OR THE AREA NEAR BLUNDESTON PRIMARY SCHOOL. The finish is in a residential area, any gathering may jeopardise future events. Therefore, please leave the area when you have finished.
  9. Provisional results will be posted on the GYCC Facebook page later that evening and on the GYCC Club website ASAP.