Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Updated 21 June 2020

Following advice from British Cycling, we are now in a position to recommence our rides – albeit in groups of 6 with social distancing. We’re aiming to start these next weekend.

Whilst this is great news, it does also pose a new problem. In order for us to be able to organise our social & club rides, we will need as many members are we can to be willing to be ride leaders. Ideally, we would like a large enough bank so that people are not having to lead a ride every week – a rotation system of every 2 or 3 weeks would be great.

Ride leaders are not the ones who have to sit at the front of the group all of the time, but are the ones who make sure the rest of the group are riding sensibly, maintaining a consistent pace (e.g between 14-16mph for an 15mph average). We are working on a bank of rides that can be used, so planning a route wouldn’t be necessary (although you are welcome if you wish). Ride leaders. We are lucky to have a number of people who have stepped up already, but a few more names in the hat is greatly appreciated.

Any questions can be directed to either Ant Field or Simon Tate.

Stay safe,
The GYCC Committee