Message from the Chairman

Dear all

After the initial “Shock” of first being 60, then the fact I had been “stitched up”, at going down to the Pier, on the pretext that Kev needed something to eat (to get his sugar levels up – some excuse, although I did fall for it), only to find a sea of familiar faces staring back at me. At first I was not very happy, as I don’t really feel particularly comfortable being the centre of attention but I soon came to my senses and I realised they had all come to see me have a good day.

The presents and cards all came as a complete surprise, though greatly appreciated, although not sure if I really want to use my Campagnolo Corkscrew, it might just be used to open a very nice bottle of Italian wine I received or on the other hand, I think I might just like to look at it adoringly! (it really is a work of art) The Coffee tamper should get some stick though, not sure if everyone is aware of how much I enjoy making/drinking coffee (half a dozen cups of espresso by 10 O’clock usually – I have been known to have 3 or 4 in the evening, this does result in me not being able to get off to sleep very easily though!).

I just want to say that I did have a really wonderful afternoon and evening, meeting up with everyone there, catching up and going over “old times” in the cycling club and it was fantastic to see everyone there absolutely enjoying the day.