Notes from Committee Meeting on 17th July 2017

  1. Open 25 – Joe Skipper was not affiliated at the time of this event so although he recorded the fastest time on the day was not eligible for any prize awards.
  2. Club rides – Email received from a gentleman who rides a velomobile asking if he could ride with the club. Discussion around group riding and safety
  3. Lotus – Tom Moore put forward a suggestion of hiring Lotus and having a club track day. At this stage no further details known. Committee to make further enqs.
  4. Lake Lothing 3rd crossing – A meeting is to be held on 26th July 2017 6pm at the Waveney District Council offices to discuss.
  5. Louise Hamilton ride – So far 22 club riders have signed up to event and it is anticipated several more will enter on the day.
  6. Cycling Club Bottle – Email request from a gentleman in Spain for a GYCC water bottle as he collects water bottles of race teams around the world. Postage to be arranged.
  7. Welcome Pack – It has been decided that the welcome pack will be sent out in November 2017 when membership renewals are due.
  8. New member – Warren Kingston.
  9. Club bikes – further 4 bikes have been loaned out recently with the expectation that after several weeks the bikes will be returned or have the option of purchasing the bike for £100.
  10. AOB

 Leaflets – Louise has obtained price for printing, A5 size £55 for 50. It was decided to order 100 initially.

Race fees – The committee decided that we would contribute 50% towards entry fees.

Minutes of meetings – It has again been bought up by a couple of members regarding having access to the minutes of the committee meeting. It was discussed and decided to try giving a short precis of the meeting which can be published on the website.

Social night – Michael Morris club member has been with us for a year whist on a Uni placement. He is due to finish mid August and return to London. It has been suggested we have a social event prior to him leaving. Social set for Friday 11th August.

Club Kit – a suggestion from a member regarding updating the kit design as lots of yellow and this tends to attract the flies in the summer months. As new kit has just been ordered it would seem unfair to re design the kit and also speaking with Louise (our amazing kit lady) it is a very time consuming process and having had a change of sponsor and a change of design from Ped Rev recently this is not something we would look at for a couple of years.

Strava Segment – a suggestion from a member in relation to creating a private strava segment on GYCC members group so that we can compete against each other on the segment. To be looked into.