This is aimed for members wishing to improve their Cycling speed even further or are experienced cyclists who maybe race, participate in Triathlons or Time Trials and want to use this as part of their training. A faster paced ride that rotates to work together and keep the speeds higher. Will use more main roads than the other rides. The natural progression from the Intermediate rides.

Fast(ish) Rides (Ride Category 5)


Usually aims for a constant travelling speed of around 20-21mph+ to give an average of around 18mph+.

Whilst the group will hold up a little to keep people together, people who are significantly struggling may get dropped.


Around 50-60 miles maybe 40-50 in the winter. Maybe further at times.
Usually involves a café/refreshment(pub) stop on Sunday Mornings.

Usual Days

Sunday Mornings but may get organised on other days.

Pre-requisites for Ride

Riders who can maintain a solo speed of 17-18mph for 90mins+ over varied terrain, have a proven ability to ride in close formation at higher speeds and are comfortable on main roads.

Ride leaders and other members may recommend this ride to people as a step up from the Intermediate rides.

Expect a workout.