Weekly report

Thursday saw 18 riders sign on for the GYCC 10 in fairly good conditions. The youngest and fastest GYCC rider of the night, Christopher Hodds, completed the course in 25:35, giving him 4th place and knocking 50 seconds off his personal best. Ian Hacon also rode a personal best of 26:46. Kersten Langer was the fastest GYCC female, completing the course in 29:08. The event was won by Zak Colman in a time of 22:12.
On Saturday, the GHS (National Schools 10 mile) time trial was held in conjunction with the Norwich ABC Open. Conditions were reasonable at the start, but rather windy on the return leg. The conditions, however, really took a turn for the worse at around the half way mark when heavy rain came. GYCC had one member take part in the open, Jenny Anderson. She completed the course in 25:57: an excellent time considering that she had started in the rain.
In the GHS event, second claim member, Ollie Wood, was competing and fortunately, this part of the event started in the dry. It was a very fast outward leg, but a very hard return leg fighting the wind. Ollie put in an excellent time of 22:49, beating his personal best at that distance by nearly a minute and a half. His time qualified him to take part in the final in September in Stratford upon Avon. An excellent achievement. 
On Sunday, Darren Adams, Ian Freel, Sean Newbury and Eirrin Thompson took part in the Holkham Outlaw half triathlon. This was the first event at this distance that any of them had done. It consisted of a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile cycle and a 13.1 mile run (half marathon). The event started in the lake in the beautiful setting of Holkham Hall. Water quality was exceptional as this lake is not fished. After transitioning to the bike, they rode through the grounds and then along the North Norfolk coast. They then headed to the Sandringham Estate, along to the outskirts of Fakenham and back to the Hall, but the area took a few people by surprise due to the hills. Following the transition to the run, they set off up a steep hill to the obelisk, then on a loop of just over 4 miles which we completed three times. This was a hard running course due to the hills and some of it was also trail running. Out on the course, there was lots of support from GYCC members. Eirrin completed it in a time of 5.54.58, position 410; Sean in 7.08.15, position 856; Ian in 7.18.45, position 881; Darren in 8.31.57, position 933. Darren was ill the night before and throughout the race, so it was an amazing achievement even to finish.