Club 10-mile Time Trial Results for 20th June 2019

 Dominic Austrin

Club Solo

Position Name Club Time Speed
1 Simon Tate GYCC 00:25:22 23.65 mph
2 Mark Ramsdale GYCC 00:27:37 21.73 mph
3 Ben Westrup GYCC 00:28:45 20.87 mph

Guest Solo

Position Name Club Time Speed
1 Louis Julian DAP CC 00:23:34 25.46 mph
2 Karle Howard Ride Harder 00:24:26 24.56 mph
3 Nick Esser DAP CC 00:24:32 24.46 mph
4 Jo Fisk Ride Harder 00:27:31 21.8 mph
5 Kim Charlton DAP CC 00:28:47 20.85 mph
6 Richard Allen VCB 00:31:36 18.99 mph

Club Solo – 2019 Season

FINAL RESULTS: The fastest time this season by every club rider who has participated this season.

Position Name Club Time Speed
1 Jonny Hawes GYCC 00:23:59 25.02 mph
2 Johnathan Lincoln GYCC 00:24:41 24.31 mph
3 Simon Tate GYCC 00:25:03 23.95 mph
4 Mark Turner GYCC 00:25:26 23.59 mph
5 Lewis Bird GYCC 00:26:03 23.03 mph
6 Jan Smith GYCC 00:26:10 22.93 mph
7 Steve Brown GYCC 00:26:17 22.83 mph
8 Brian Carr GYCC 00:26:20 22.78 mph
9 Mark Ramsdale GYCC 00:27:06 22.14 mph
10 Ian Hacon GYCC 00:27:07 22.13 mph
11 Jenny Anderson GYCC 00:27:15 22.02 mph
12 Bryan Averre GYCC 00:27:16 22 mph
13 Harry Paine GYCC 00:27:19 21.96 mph
14 Ben Trowbridge GYCC 00:27:21 21.94 mph
15 Paul Bartram GYCC 00:27:35 21.75 mph
16 Ben Westrup GYCC 00:27:36 21.74 mph
17 David Jermy GYCC 00:27:51 21.54 mph
18 Kersten Langer GYCC 00:28:12 21.28 mph
19 Jamie Robertson GYCC 00:28:13 21.26 mph
20 Jamie Mordecai GYCC 00:28:18 21.2 mph
21 Chris Dye GYCC 00:29:13 20.54 mph
22 Tracey Jermy GYCC 00:29:16 20.5 mph
23 Nichol Mukuya GYCC 00:29:58 20.02 mph
24 Samuel Briggs GYCC 00:31:10 19.25 mph
25 Clinton Button GYCC 00:31:29 19.06 mph
26 Allan Schoenherr GYCC 00:31:40 18.95 mph
27 Grenville Moore GYCC 00:32:22 18.54 mph
28 Ron Bean GYCC 00:33:04 18.15 mph
29 April Read GYCC 00:33:28 17.93 mph
30 Paul Hastings GYCC 00:35:38 16.84 mph


Thank you to everyone involved in timekeeping & marshalling this event, your support is appreciated.

About Our Event

GYCC run our Somerleyton 10-mile time trial from May to August. The TT starts at 18:30 in May and 19:00 June & July then back to 18:30 in August. Sign on is at HQ, the field next to Lound Village Hall from 40 to 60 minutes before the start. Please park in the field, not the car park of the hall as that’s used by other people. Village Hall is on Church Lane, Lound NR32 5LL

After registration, we proceed to the start that is just north of the centre of Lound. The route goes north up to the A143 roundabout heading west towards to Haddiscoe. Turn left at St Olaves onto Herringfleet Road through Somerleyton. This year the route continues all the way to Blundeston, where it finishes a short way along Church Road.

The route is shown below and on our routes page as a downloadable GPX file.

1) Please continue riding past the finish on Church Road and stop in the layby outside Blundeston school. Return to HQ should be through Blundeston village, rather than going back via Blundeston crossroads.
2) Only the major junctions on the course are signposted, please exercise caution when approaching minor entrances to the course.

There is a small fee for taking part. £4.50 for GYCC members, £5.00 for other club riders and £5.50 if not in a club affiliated to CTT

We run a Time Trial league (more here). There are prizes available for all levels. Experienced and Novice riders can all win cash prizes. Ask an event official about details/cost to sign up.

GPX Route

Time Trials (Ride Category 7)

A ride on a set course against the clock. Use it as competition against other riders or simply as a measure of your own improvement over the course of a season, excellent practice for the bike legs of Triathlons. A Small fee is payable to particpate in Time Trials.


Whatever Speed you can manage!


10, 25, 30, 50 & 100 miles

Usual Days

The GYCC Club 10 is on Thursday nights during the summer but there are various other Time Trials in the area on other days.

Pre-requisites for Ride

There are no real pre-requisites other than the willingness to do your absolute best!